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US Census Guide: Finding treasure in the US Federal Census


Background of the US Census
How the United States Federal Census came to be.

Glitches found in the census
Important things you should know about the census that affect your genealogy research.

The Soundex and how to use it
Includes the Soundex coding guide and everything you need to understand how the Soundex works.

How to get started on your research of the census
Tells where you can genealogy situation.

Here are the type of information you can
find in the US Census records, by year

  • 1790 the first Federal US Census.
  • 1800 the second Federal US Census.
  • 1810 the third Federal US Census.
  • 1820 the forth Federal US Census.
  • 1830 the fifth Federal US Census.
  • 1840 the sixth Federal US Census.
  • 1850 the seventh Federal US Census.
  • 1860 the eighth Federal US Census.
  • 1870 the ninth Federal US Census.
  • 1880 the tenth Federal US Census.
  • 1890 the eleventh Federal US Census.

  • 1900 the twelfth Federal US Census.
  • 1910 the thirteenth Federal US Census.
  • 1920 the fourteenth Federal US Census.

About the Author:

Judy Hanna Green is a genealogy teacher and expert researcher based in Northeast Florida. She is a long-time Family History Center volunteer, and teaches genealogy classes in the community. One of her favorite topics to share with her students is the census. Her U.S. census tutorial has been enjoyed by millions since it went on-line in 1995 on the Treasure Maps genealogy Web site at http://www.amberskyline.com/treasuremaps/ - Your resource for genealogy, family tree and family history products, research tools and other genealogy search helps.

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