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Old and Treasured Recipes

Family means sharing meal and special recipes
that are passed down through generations...

  • Dan Ragan's Secret Hushpuppy Recipe
    This recipe has been kept secret in our family for years. These are the best "pups" ever because they are light and fluffy! The average hushpuppy is made of corn meal only, and will sit like a rock in your stomach for days. Includes the "Legend of the Hushpuppy."

  • The best Beef Stroganoff you will ever eat!
    I have never had any Beef Stroganoff that even came close to this dish that my mother Jeri O. Bubert makes. This is still one of the number one requested meals in our family. Just let it slowly cook and it will melt in your mouth. Your family will love this one!
  • Savory Ozark Puddin' by Renee' DiPatri
    A Southern United States dessert that is one of my family favorites. Not really a pudding, but more of a cake type wonderful treat.
  • Pineapple Easy Cake by Karen Zach
    This has been my daughter's favorite recipe for 20 years and now she says it's her baby's too!!

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